Picture Book in Progress on Frances Perkins

When Frances Perkins witnessed the 1911 Triangle Factory Fire as a young social worker in New York City, she could never have imagined that the event would impact her life forever. Galvanized by the tragedy to devote her life to the common worker, Frances became a key reformer for worker safety, later becoming the first woman ever to serve in a Presidential Cabinet. As Secretary of Labor for Franklin Delano Roosevelt, she was chief architect of the New Deal, the vast array of Depression-era programs including minimum wage, the 40-hour workweek, unemployment insurance, workers’ compensation, and Social Security. Her inspiring achievements go largely unnoticed. I wish to change that with my picture book Frances Perkins and the Triangle Factory Fire: Doorway to the New Deal. I am excited to bring Frances Perkins’s remarkable story of courage and persistence to a new generation.

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