Playground Day!

Written and Illustrated by Jennifer J. Merz

Hardcover ISBN # 0-618-81696-8

Clarion Books

An Imprint of Houghton Mifflin Company

Playground Day! was inspired by all the happy times on the playground with my daughters when they were little. With this book, I aim to capture the joyful, boundless energy of childhood. I’m proud that Playground Day! made it through the slush to achieve publication at Clarion Books.

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Intricate and charming collage illustrations crafted from torn and cut paper shine in this exuberant celebration of imagination and creative play. Each page offers clues to a friendly preschool guessing game and captures the unique pleasures of a day spent at the playground.
Merz offers a celebratory ode to the splendor of playgrounds, her verses taking readers on an exploration of a child’s imagination. Sprightly rhymes draw a tidy parallel between how the child’s play mirrors familiar activities of various animals... Using a collage of cut and torn papers, Merz artfully creates full-color illustrations that offer readers intriguing panoramas filled with depth and texture. Appealing illustrations and lively verse make this tale particularly suited for rousing read-aloud sessions. In an era of elaborate schedules for the youngest of children, Merz’s simply executed tale is a reminder to return to the basics, encouraging readers to unfetter their imaginations and embrace the creative opportunities unstructured outdoor play affords.
(Kirkus Reviews)