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Dancin' DollyThat Dancin’ Dolly 

Hardcover ISBN# 0-525-47214-2
Published by Dutton Children’s Books

Set to the familiar toe-tapper, “Buffalo Gals,” the text of this tale–adapted from the 1940s song lyrics to the same tune, “Dance With a Dolly (With a Hole in her Stockin’)”– inspires Merz to introduce a girl and her Raggedy Ann lookalike companion in a toe-stompin’ debut… While they swing, shirts and socks sway on the clothesline and the fibrous, multihued sky turns to rosy shades of sunset. For those who wish to join in, the sheet music can be found on the last page. Merz blithely offers a day of knees “a-knockin’” and toes “a-rockin’.”
Publishers Weekly

Crafted with torn-and-cut paper, lace and other trims, the detailed double-page collages are a delight to examine. The illustrations exude energy… Lyrics and music are appended, ensuring that the old tune will be passed on to the next generation. This charming offering will be well received by groups or during one-to-one sharing.
School Library Journal

That Dancin’ Dolly is a recipient of the CHILDREN’S CHOICE AWARD, presented by the International Reading Association/ Children’s Book Council. Contact me about purchasing a copy

Dancin' Dolly Page - Danced!

Dancin' Dolly Page - Going Out to Play!

Dancin' Dolly Page - Oh, I

Dancin' Dolly Page - Come Let's Play!

Dancin' Dolly Page - Danced!


Playground DayPlayground Day! 

ISBN-13: 978-0-618-81696-5
ISBN-10: 0-618-81696-8
Published by Clarion Books

Intricate and charming collage illustrations crafted from torn and cut paper shine in this exuberant celebration of imagination and creative play. Each page offers clues to a friendly preschool guessing game and captures the unique pleasures of a day spent at the playground.

Merz offers a celebratory ode to the splendor of playgrounds, her verses taking readers on an exploration of a child’s imagination. Sprightly rhymes draw a tidy parallel between how the child’s play mirrors familiar activities of various animals… Using a collage of cut and torn papers, Merz artfully creates full-color illustrations that offer readers intriguing panoramas filled with depth and texture. Appealing illustrations and lively verse make this tale particularly suited for rousing read-aloud sessions. In an era of elaborate schedules for the youngest of children, Merz’s simply executed tale is a reminder to return to the basics, encouraging readers to unfetter their imaginations and embrace the creative opportunities unstructured outdoor play affords.
Kirkus Reviews

Playground Day - Sunny Smiles

Playground Day - Squirrel

Playground Day - Monkey

Playground Day - Frog

Playground Day - Mouse